Woman testifies against her murderous

“Judy Malinowski, a 31-year-old mother, defied the odds by surviving a brutal attack where her boyfriend set her on fire. Her two-year struggle for justice, not just for herself but for all victims, served as a powerful testament to her unwavering strength and resilience.

It was on August 2, 2015, when Judy Malinowski fell prey to a gruesome act of violence. Her on-and-off boyfriend, Michael Slager, doused her with gasoline during a heated argument outside a gas station in Gahanna, Ohio.”

“Slager was sentenced to 11 years in prison for the crime. In an interview with Insider, Bonnie Bowes, Judy Malinowski’s mother, disclosed that Slager’s motive was to “silence” her daughter, preventing her from sharing her story with the public.

Even as Judy Malinowski teetered on the brink of death, she remained unwavering in her determination to see her ex-boyfriend charged with murder.

Her mother, Bonnie Bowes, recounted Judy’s steadfast commitment to testifying and proving that Michael had intentionally caused her harm.

Despite her critical condition, Judy managed to record a deposition from her hospital bed, where she fielded questions from the prosecution and endured cross-examination by the defense.”

In the documentary, Malinowski directly addressed Slager in court, stating, “You truly appear to be devoid of a soul, and incarceration is what you deserve. That’s all I have to say.”

The nurse, deeply impressed by Judy’s unyielding spirit, deemed her survival a “miracle,” with her indomitable will to assist others remaining unscathed.

In the documentary, Judy’s sister, Danielle Gorman, remarked, “There was this profound desire within her to persevere, to champion the cause of every woman who had endured similar experiences.”

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