10 Brutal Punishments That Will Give You Goosebumps – You Wouldn’t Wish On Your Worst Enemy

Throughout history, various societies have employed brutal and often inhumane forms of punishment for various crimes. It’s important to note that these practices are generally considered barbaric and have been replaced by more humane methods of punishment in modern legal systems. Here are ten brutal punishments from the past:

1. Crucifixion: One of the most infamous forms of execution in ancient Rome, crucifixion involved nailing or tying a person to a wooden cross, where they would suffer a slow and agonizing death.

2. Drawing and Quartering: Used in medieval Europe, this punishment involved the condemned being hanged, drawn, and quartered, which means they were hanged until nearly dead, disemboweled while still alive, and then their body was divided into quarters.

3. The Rack: This torture device, used during the Inquisition and other periods, involved stretching the victim’s body on a wooden frame, causing extreme pain and often dislocating or breaking their joints.

4. Scaphism: Also known as “the boats,” this ancient Persian method of execution involved trapping the condemned between two boats or hollowed-out tree trunks and forcing them to ingest milk and honey. This would lead to a slow and painful death as they were devoured by insects.

5. The Iron Maiden: A spike-covered, coffin-like device used during the medieval period, the victim was placed inside, and the doors closed, causing the spikes to impale the person.

6. Breaking on the Wheel: A brutal execution method in which the victim’s limbs were tied to a wagon wheel, and then the executioner would break their bones with a hammer or iron bar.

7. The Brazen Bull: An ancient Greek execution device that was a bronze statue of a bull. Victims were placed inside, and a fire was lit beneath it, causing them to roast to death while their screams sounded like a bull’s bellowing.

8. The Pear of Anguish: A medieval torture device used to punish those accused of witchcraft or heresy. It was inserted into the victim’s orifices and then expanded, causing extreme pain and often serious internal injuries.

9. Bamboo Torture: This method was employed in Southeast Asia and involved tying a person over a bed of bamboo shoots. Over time, the bamboo would grow through the victim’s body, causing slow and excruciating death.

10. Lingchi (Death by a Thousand Cuts): A form of execution in China where the condemned was methodically sliced, dismembered, and tortured over an extended period, leading to a slow and painful death.

These brutal punishments from the past serve as a grim reminder of the cruelty that has been inflicted on individuals in various societies throughout history. Fortunately, modern legal systems have moved towards more humane and ethical methods of punishment and justice.

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