A dog survived 72 days alone in the mountains after her owner passed away. Now, she’s gaining weight and enjoying hiking trails again.

The story revolves around a loyal Jack Russell terrier named Finney and her owner, Rich Moore, who went hiking in the Colorado mountains. Unfortunately, Rich succumbed to hypothermia, and despite a lengthy search, he couldn’t be located. After more than 10 weeks of surviving alone in the mountains, Finney was discovered by a hunter alongside Rich’s body. During this ordeal, Finney lost about half her body weight, with visible ribs.

Despite the challenging circumstances, Finney’s remarkable resilience and the care provided by Rich’s family led to her recovery. Less than three weeks after being found, Finney had regained most of her lost weight and had regained her strength. The family, particularly Rich’s wife Dana Holby, described Finney as a “miracle dog.” The heartwarming narrative highlights Finney’s determination to survive and the strong bond between humans and their canine companions.

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