VIDEO – Bodycam Captures Woman Going INSANE After Fighting With Boyfriend

On March 29, 2022, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office found themselves responding to what initially appeared to be a routine call along the Overseas Highway. Deputies arrived at a specific location to address an unknown problem, but what they encountered was far from ordinary. The situation unfolded into a confrontation of epic proportions.

At the scene, two individuals, Courtney Sophia Crichton and a 39-year-old man, were locked in a heated verbal exchange. Tensions escalated rapidly, and voices grew louder. However, as the flashing lights of law enforcement vehicles arrived, both Crichton and the man decided to flee the scene, disappearing into the nearby woods.

It was discovered that Quickton had active warrants for charges related to a hit-and-run accident while driving under the influence. This revelation significantly heightened the complexity of an already tense situation. Quickton now faces a range of serious charges. These charges have added a layer of legal complexity to Quickton’s case.

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