Salma Hayek reveals how she, daily maintains her 24-inch waist without exercise.

“I truly believe it’s meditation,” she shared with ET this week, countering the common belief that it’s exercise. “You have to discover your own path. Exercising is tough for me, requiring immense discipline. However, meditation feels effortless, like a leisurely stroll—it’s my personal version.”


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Salma Hayek, standing at 5ft1in, boasts a voluptuous 39-24-38 inch figure and weighs approximately 132lbs. She firmly refuted any use of Botox in a recent interview on Kelly Ripa’s SiriusXM podcast, emphasizing her radiant complexion.

Having developed her unique meditation technique, she can meditate for hours, finding it enjoyable and timeless, unlike attempting to clear her mind completely.

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