In 1915, a woman named Essie Dunbar from South Carolina was declared dead, and a funeral service was held for her. However, there was a twist in the tale. When her sister arrived late to the funeral, she asked to see Essie one last time. The family then decided to exhume the casket and open it to fulfill her request. To everyone’s surprise, when the casket was opened, Essie Dunbar reportedly sat up and even smiled. She was, according to the story, very much alive.

The story concludes by saying that Essie Dunbar continued to live for another 47 years.

It’s important to keep in mind that this story lacks concrete historical documentation and may have been embellished or even entirely fictional. Such tales are often shared as urban legends, and they may be designed to captivate and amuse audiences. Without credible records or verifiable sources, it’s challenging to confirm the authenticity of this account.


1. **Mix-up at the Funeral Home:** The staff at James L. Hawkins Funeral Home in Philadelphia mistakenly switched the body of Kenneth Roberts with the remains of another individual. In a funeral home, it’s crucial to ensure that each deceased person is correctly identified and prepared for the funeral service.

2. **Wife’s Shock:** During the funeral or viewing, when Kenneth Roberts’ wife saw the body, she immediately noticed that it wasn’t her husband. This understandably caused her great shock and emotional distress, as she expected to say her final goodbyes to her husband.

3. **Medical Emergencies:** The mix-up had even more dire consequences. Two mourners who were attending the service experienced health issues. One suffered a seizure, and another had an asthma attack. The distress and emotional trauma caused by the mix-up likely contributed to these medical emergencies.

It’s important to note that such mix-ups are extremely rare and highly unfortunate when they occur. Funeral homes have a responsibility to ensure the proper identification and handling of deceased individuals. The incident you mentioned highlights the potential consequences when these procedures fail, not only in terms of emotional distress but also physical health problems for the grieving family and mourners.

The funeral home likely had to rectify the situation by identifying the correct body of Kenneth Roberts and arranging for a proper and respectful service for him. Additionally, they would have had to address the medical emergencies and provide necessary care for the affected individuals.

The story of Lord Timothy Dexter is often cited as an unusual and eccentric historical anecdote. Lord Timothy Dexter, who lived in the 18th century, was indeed a real historical figure known for his eccentric behavior. Here’s a brief explanation of the story:

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1. **Faked Death:** Lord Timothy Dexter, an American businessman, decided to fake his own death. The reasons for his decision are not entirely clear, but it was part of his eccentric personality.

2. **Attending His Own Funeral:** After faking his death, Dexter attended his own funeral in disguise. This was a highly unusual and dramatic way to observe the reactions of his family and acquaintances.

3. **Cane Incident:** The story goes that during the funeral, Dexter was displeased with his wife’s reaction, or lack thereof. When he saw that his wife was not grieving as intensely as he expected, he reportedly revealed himself, surprising everyone. In some versions of the story, he is said to have caned his wife as a form of punishment for not grieving enough. This act was a part of his eccentric behavior.

It’s important to note that the story of Lord Timothy Dexter is often told with a sense of humor and incredulity, and the historical accuracy of the specific details may be difficult to confirm. It’s possible that the tale has been embellished or altered over time. Regardless, it remains a notable example of eccentric behavior from the past and is often recounted as an amusing historical anecdote.




The incident you’re describing appears to be a highly unfortunate and unusual accident that occurred during a traditional burial in the Chinese village of Yiliang County. Here’s an explanation of what happened:

1. **Traditional Burial:** In many Chinese villages, traditional burial practices involve carrying a casket to a specific burial site, often located in a hilly or mountainous area. This is a solemn and culturally significant event in Chinese funeral customs.

2. **Casket Fall:** During this particular burial, it seems that something went wrong, and the casket fell down a steep mountainside. This could be due to various factors, such as unstable ground or human error.

3. **Injuries:** The falling casket struck people who were standing below, including some of the pallbearers who were responsible for carrying the casket. This resulted in minor to moderate injuries to three individuals. The impact of a falling casket can be significant and dangerous, especially given the weight and size of such objects.

Accidents like this are, of course, highly distressing and unexpected. The injuries suffered by the individuals involved are a testament to the potential risks associated with traditional burial practices that involve moving a casket over challenging terrain. It’s likely that local authorities and community members had to respond to this incident to provide medical attention and address the situation as best as they could.

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1. **Funeral Gathering:** A funeral took place in Mozambique, where family and community members gathered to mourn and pay their respects to the deceased. As is common in many cultures, food and drinks are often served at such gatherings.

2. **Contaminated Beer:** At this particular funeral, one of the items served was a local alcoholic beverage known as “pombe.” It was later discovered that the pombe served at this event had become contaminated.

3. **Toxic Compound:** The contamination in the pombe was attributed to the presence of a toxic compound called “bongkrekic acid.” This compound is found in crocodile bile and is extremely harmful to humans when ingested. It can cause severe health issues and, in some cases, can be fatal.

4. **Casualties:** Tragically, the consumption of the contaminated pombe led to a significant number of casualties. At least 69 people lost their lives, and an additional 196 individuals fell ill due to the toxic substance.

This incident highlights the importance of food and beverage safety at large gatherings and emphasizes the potential dangers of consuming products that have been contaminated with harmful substances. It likely prompted local authorities to investigate the source of the contamination and take measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.


1. **Large Gathering:** At the funeral of Moises Garcia, approximately 3,000 mourners gathered on the streets to pay their respects and say their final goodbyes to the former mayor. Funerals, especially for prominent individuals, often attract a significant number of attendees.

2. **Coffin Mishap:** During the course of the funeral, an accident occurred when the coffin containing Mayor Garcia’s remains was being lowered into the grave. Somehow, the coffin was dropped, causing one end to tumble into the hole. This resulted in the body falling out of the coffin.

3. **Shock and Horror:** The sight of the coffin mishap and the body falling out understandably caused shock and horror among the attendees. It’s not uncommon for such an unexpected and distressing event to elicit strong emotional reactions, including screams and expressions of distress.

Accidents like these are highly unfortunate and can be deeply traumatizing for those in attendance. It’s likely that the incident required immediate attention and adjustments to ensure a dignified and respectful burial for Mayor Garcia. In such cases, local authorities and funeral organizers would typically work to address the situation and minimize further emotional distress to the mourners.

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1. **Serious Accident:** Mohammad Furqan, a 20-year-old Indian, was involved in a serious accident that left him in a coma and unconscious for several days. It’s common for individuals with severe injuries to be in a coma or unresponsive while receiving medical treatment.

2. **Financial Constraints:** Furqan’s family faced financial constraints and had been covering his medical expenses. Medical treatment can be expensive, and in some cases, families may find it challenging to continue to pay for the required care.

3. **Declared Dead:** At a certain point during his treatment, the medical professionals caring for Furqan declared him dead. This declaration is typically made based on specific medical criteria, but in some cases, such declarations can be incorrect.

4. **Miraculous Awakening:** The extraordinary part of this story is that just before Furqan was about to be cremated during his funeral ceremony, he miraculously woke up. His awakening was a surprising turn of events, especially given the prior declaration of his death.

This story received considerable media attention and was seen as a rare and remarkable occurrence. It underscores the importance of accurate medical diagnosis and the potential for unexpected recoveries, even after serious injuries and extended periods of unconsciousness. Furqan’s case also highlights the challenges that some families face when dealing with the financial burdens of medical treatment.


In 2015, the body of 25-year-old Julie Mott was stolen just before her scheduled memorial service on her 26th birthday. Despite extensive efforts and investigations, her body was never recovered, and the identity of the thief remains a mystery.


In Florida, during a teenager’s funeral, the deceased’s mother, Quasheda Pierce, was shot. The 18-year-old son had been previously shot by the police. It’s believed that the mother was accidentally shot by a 16-year-old attending the funeral services.


In July 2020, a shocking and tragic incident occurred during a funeral in Chicago. A vehicle arrived at the scene, carrying an unknown number of individuals who opened fire on the crowd gathered for the memorial service. As a result of this shooting, at least 15 people were shot and injured. This incident highlights the alarming and dangerous nature of gun violence in some communities and the severe consequences it can have, even during a solemn occasion like a funeral.


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