This Woman Lost 120 Pounds On a Keto Diet

Suzanne Ryan’s story is one of personal struggle, transformation, and resilience. Here’s a breakdown of her journey: 1. **Background and Unhealthy Habits:** – Suzanne’s unhealthy eating habits began in childhood due to her parents’ divorce and financial constraints. – Lack…

India – Elephant kills 70-year-woman and then returns to trample her corpse at funeral

I Odisha state, eastern India. A 70-year-old woman named Maya Murmu was drawing water at a tube well in the village of Raipal when a wild elephant, which had strayed from the Dalma wildlife sanctuary nearly 200km away, appeared unexpectedly….

21 Model ‘banned from boarding flight’ for inappropriate outfit choice.

A 21-year-old model, influencer, and OnlyFans content creator, claims to have been banned from boarding a flight at Navegantes Airport in Brazil because of her cosplay outfit. Cosplay is a popular practice where individuals dress up as characters from movies,…

A mother emotionally recounts her return to work just 12 days after giving birth.

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