21 Model ‘banned from boarding flight’ for inappropriate outfit choice.

A 21-year-old model, influencer, and OnlyFans content creator, claims to have been banned from boarding a flight at Navegantes Airport in Brazil because of her cosplay outfit. Cosplay is a popular practice where individuals dress up as characters from movies, comics, or games.

Kine-Chan dressed in a cosplay inspired by the character Rebecca from the anime series Cyberpink: Edgerunners. Her outfit consisted of a black bikini, a turquoise wig, and black sandals. She explains on Instagram to her 612,000 followers that she was attempting to board the flight to attend an event and had dressed in her cosplay to save time.

However, according to Kine-Chan, airport staff told her that her outfit was not “appropriate,” and she was asked to go home and change. She expressed her frustration on Instagram, mentioning the “very annoying situation” and explaining that she was barred from boarding.

Fans reacted to the incident, with some suggesting that Kine-Chan could have chosen a more practical outfit for the airport. Comments on her Instagram post included opinions that she could have worn an easy pull-up outfit, like a falling dress or a button-down blouse, to avoid any issues with airport security.

The story ends by stating that Navegantes Airport has been contacted for comment, implying that there may be further updates or clarification from the airport regarding the incident.

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